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Босоногие парки


В разных местах мира есть специальные парки для хожденя босиком.

Это могут быть просто выджеленные территории, могут быть небольшие гостиницы.

Важно, что прилегающая территория специально оборудована так, чтобы на ней приятно и полезно было находиться босиком.

Зачастую это связано со спортом, туризмом, всяческими оздоровительными процедурами.

Вот примеры нескольких таких парков.

Тексты приводятся без переводов.


Информация с сайта en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barefoot_park: Barefoot park
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Indian ladder in the barefoot park Nienhagen, Germany.Barefoot parks are theme parks for sensual experiences and natural wellness. They are kept clean and maintained on a regular basis, so that barefoot hiking can be done in an appropriate environment. Barefoot parks usually include a lot of adventure stations. Visitors use the experience to feel different soil textures underfoot; to wade through rivers, brooks, or ponds; and to exercise foot gymnastics, balancing and climbing. Playgrounds; bathing lakes; and equipment for smelling, hearing, and seeing different colors; and feeling hidden objects may be included. Some of the barefoot parks call themselves barefoot trails.

Wading through the brook in the theme park Witches's Water in Soell/Tyrol.Within the last decade, a few dozen barefoot parks have been founded in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Among the most popular barefoot parks are those at Bad Sobernheim on the Nahe River, at Dornstetten in the Black Forest, at Lienen and Bad Wuennenberg in Westphalia. In addition the theme parks 'Witches' Water in Soell/Tyrol and the "Park with all Senses" at Gutach/Black Forest are designed as barefoot parks.

Touristic significance -- The barefoot parks mentioned here are an important contribution to tourism, each attracting at least a hundred thousand visitors per year. Entrance to the family-friendly parks is free or inexpensive. Profit comes from the increased volume at restaurants, hotels, cure facilities, cable cars, and so on.


Информация с сайта www.barfusspark.info/en/:

natural and healthy barefoot activities

Barefoot sensation path in Munich, Sep. 2005

The feet need active training to develop their important functions:

The endurant support of upright walking

Improving foot health is an important healthcare issue. A lifelong and painless function of the whole body depends on the flexibility and muscle tension of the feet. Therefore they need regular -- ideally barefoot -- training.

The sense of touch

Well-balanced educational concepts include all senses. The sensory qualities of the soles serve both for a perfect coordination of body motion and for environmental experience.


Информация с сайта www.barfusspark.info/en/path.html.

foot sensation trails

An excellent example: "Barefoot Park" at the Victory Gate in Munich

A barefoot park for open air events takes little effort for few people and makes thousands enjoy healthy natural walking!

Here I document my experience in presenting barefoot paths and foot gymnastic games on shool and open-air festivals in southern Germany.

The principle: A few High School students helped me to collect natural materials like: moss and grass; needles, leaves, cones and bark of trees; straw was fetched at a farm, sand and gravel and stones were from the communal building yard.

The materials were placed on fleece webs (1.5 meters broad). This ensures easy removal after the end of the event

The fir cones are spread out. This is easily done with the "hands on the legs"!

Pieces of bark were placed with the rough side upwards.

But later on about thousand feet broke the bark into little pieces :-(

Foot gymnastics

Ideal supplements for the barefoot path are a balancing beam or rope -- and some foot games:

The finished barefoot parks:

What you finally end up with, depends on the number of helpers and the place available.

You can be successful with:

a small version for the garden

a medium version for the school yard

a spacious trail on a meadow

a barefoot park in the center of a city festival

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